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Contract of employment

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2085. A contract of employment is a contract by which a person, the employee, undertakes, for a limited time and for remuneration, to do work under the direction or control of another person, the employer.

2086. A contract of employment is for a fixed term or an indeterminate term.

2087. The employer is bound not only to allow the performance of the work agreed upon and to pay the remuneration fixed, but also to take any measures consistent with the nature of the work to protect the health, safety and dignity of the employee.

2088. The employee is bound not only to perform his work with prudence and diligence, but also to act faithfully and honestly and not use any confidential information he obtains in the performance or in the course of his work.

These obligations continue for a reasonable time after the contract terminates and permanently where the information concerns the reputation and privacy of others.

2089. The parties may stipulate in writing and in express terms that, even after the termination of the contract, the employee may neither compete with his employer nor participate in any capacity whatsoever in an enterprise which would compete with him.

However, the stipulation shall be limited as to time, place and type of employment, to what is necessary for the protection of the legitimate interests of the employer.

The burden of proof that the stipulation is valid is on the employer.

2090. A contract of employment is tacitly renewed for an indeterminate term where the employee continues to carry on his work for five days after the expiry of the term, without objection from the employer.

2091. Either party to a contract for an indeterminate term may terminate it by giving notice of termination to the other party.

The notice of termination shall be given in reasonable time, taking into account, in particular, the nature of the employment, the specific circumstances in which it is carried on and the duration of the period of work.

2092. The employee may not renounce his right to obtain an indemnity for any injury he suffers where insufficient notice of termination is given or where the manner of resiliation is abusive.

2093. A contract of employment terminates upon the death of the employee.

Depending on the circumstances, it may also terminate upon the death of the employer.

2094. One of the parties may, for a serious reason, unilaterally resiliate the contract of employment without prior notice.

2095. An employer may not avail himself of a stipulation of non-competition if he has resiliated the contract without a serious reason or if he has himself given the employee such a reason for resiliating the contract.

2096. Upon termination of the contract, the employer shall furnish to the employee, at his request, a certificate of employment stating only the nature and duration of the employment and indicating the identities of the parties.

2097. A contract of employment is not terminated by alienation of the enterprise or any change in its legal structure by way of amalgamation or otherwise.

The contract is binding on the successor of the employer.



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